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  • Why Rent Technology Equipments?

    Investing huge money on a typical Technology on purchase today and struggle or elect to pay little amount a month and use the money you have saved for better use in your business.

    Save your money

    Keep your cash in your business to put to better use.Do not lock in your funds to purchase rapidly depreciating Technology products.

    Spend Less

    When you're starting or growing a business, cah is often in short supply. One way to spend less is to rent essential and critical hardware reqired for your operation instead of buying it.

    Improve your cash flow

    Renting allows you to free up your critical monetary resources that could be better utilized to meer other requirements, which are of higher priority

    Our Leaders and Experts

    Understanding the cash flow

    Before extending a capital equipment loan, bank will usually want to see two to three years of financial records which most new companies do not have. We usually evaluate the project for which the equipment is going to be used and understand the cash flow generated from the project

    Keep pace with technology

    You get all the equipment you really need, not just what you think you can afford. Better & Latest Technology not only does it create a better professional image for you, but it also boosts the morale and productivity of the employee and this would translate into better results for the company as a whole.

  • Benefits using balance sheet

    The advantage greater ROA/ROE

    Rental has Balance Sheet benefits

    By renting technology equipments you would be able to exclude some rented assets and related obligations from your Balance Sheet. Such moves could improve financial indicators such as your firm's debt -to-equity ratio or earnings-to-fixed-assets ratio, Bear in mind, however, that according to rules do require your Balance Sheet to report assets rented under certain types of agreements.

    Improve ROA/ROE

    Many companies place a heavy emphasis on return on Equity for evaluating profitability and performance. Operating rent contracts often have a positive effect ROA and ROE.

    Spread the Cost

    Affordable monthly payments spread the cost of your equipment over its useful life. You can choose from a flexible rental plan over 1,2,3 or 4 years.

    No deposits or Balloon payments

    There are no deposits or balloon payments, instead you simply make monthly or quarterly rental payments in advance and have the option to choose one of the easy end of the term options.

    Easy accounting

    Renting can make your accounts simpler

    As your monthly rental payments are an off balance sheet expense it makes accounting far simpler. There is no asset to depreciate or liability to account for just a monthly expense that may be fully or tax deductible. Ask your account or tax advisor how renting can work for you.

    East end of term options

    At the end the term you have the option to choose what you want to do with the equipment;

    • Keep on renting the dame equipment [often at a reduced rate]
    • Return the equipment back to us
    • Replace the existing equipment with new and continue with the same terms

    E-Waste Management

    Most technologies are finding it very difficult to manage obsolete technology hardware, With renting you need not worry of this is managed by us.

  • Customised Rental Packages

    Greater control with multiple payment plans

    Choose from Multiple payment plans weekly, Monthly, Quarterly End term option for Greater Control

    We give you greater control with our end term option

    • Return the equipment back to us
    • You can also upgrade the configurations any time during the contract.
    • You can extend the rental period, return early , or change the equipment to latest products.

    Vendor Independent

    Serversupply is independent but has excellent relationship with most OEM/suppliers of technology which enables us to help you acquire the right technology to suite your needs.

    Customised Rental Packages

    Range of Equipments of your choice

    From entry level desktops to high end servers

    Save Money

    Serversupply care of cost of ownership and disposal of the equipment

    Large Inventory choice

    Serversupply has large inventory of the range of equipment available on short term renting, Starting from entry level Desktops, Laptops to high end Servers and Storage devices are in stock . We have complete range of AMD Servers from MNC brand like Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo. We also have UNIX Servers from SUN, HP and IBM.

    Better Cash Management

    Outright purchase requires immediate cash outlay. Our rental solution need little or no cash outlays. Our rental solutions need little or no cash outlays, Based on your cash flow you decide the tenure of your cash flow you decide the tenure of the rental contract and the solution is completely tailor made for your requirement.

  • Don't get stuck with Obsolete Technology

    Our solutions help you choose technology with flexibility

    You choose the brand / configurations

    Our specialists will work your IT manager to help you decide the configuration and choose the right brand. We will work with you on the SLA's and terms of warranty with OEM/ Supplier

    Flexible Rental Periods

    We offer 1,2,3 years rental period options

    Flexible Payment Plans

    Assess you cash flow and decide on the flexible payment plans like monthly.

    Flexible End Term Options

    The end term option are decided in the beginning of the contract yet you have flexibility to choose the one you need. You can decide on the option just 1 month before the end of the contract.

  • Flexi Rental options for your Growth

    Because we are here to give solutions & it works as you require…

    End Term Options

    We give you greater control with our end term option

    • Return the equipment back
    • Extend the contract at a new reduced price
    • Replace the old equipment with new and continue with the same terms

    One Approval/One Agreement

    We sign a Master Rental Agreement for your entire technology requirement which you may have presently or which may arise in the future. There is no further Agreement to be signed. For all future requirements you only need to execute annexure to the Master Rental Agreements.

    Rent Equipment, as you need

    You may want to buy more computers only when new recruitment happens or when your business expands. Here we give you option to rent as you need.

    Watch your Company Grow

    With the new cutting edge technology and low cost of ownership, watch your Company Grow!!!

  • Equipments for Short & specific projects

    Short term rentals for smaller applications

    Short term renting periods can be as short as 1 day onwards. Short term renting is ideal for specific projects, testing, training, conferences ect, we offer complete range of products on short erm rental basis as below

    Desktop Computers

    We have desktops with Intel Core2Duo/Core i3/i5/i7 processors. We can configure the memory and hard disk per the requirement.

    Intel Servers

    We have Intel based servers starting with 4/6/8/10/12/16... core processors. These servers are available with options of Tower, 1U, 2U, 4U Rack mount chassis. We customize these servers to your needs of memory up to 1TB& various hard disk options with RAID 1,0,56&10.

    Choose from a wide variety of workstation

    Smart workstations for diverse applications

    Intel Workstations

    We have Intel based workstations with 4/6/8/10/12/16... core processors with options of NVIDIA Quadro and ATI Range of graphics cards. These workstations are ideal for Animation VXF and CAD / CAM applications.

    UNIX Systems

    Our Inventory includes complete range of SUN based Workstation & Servers running latest Sparc range of processors. We also have the HP range of workstations and servers running the latest HP Unix Operating systems and also provide IBM Aix servers.


    We have a complete range of Network attached Storage [NAS], Direct Attached Storage [DAS] / iScsi & SAN products on rent. We can customize the storage boxes as per your needs from 2TB up to TB storage usable space.

  • Performance Matters

    Intelligent, smart & powerful technology for specialised applications

    We have specialized renting solution for the below verticals.

    Animation & VFX

    We have complete range of hardware required for setting up a animation studio. We have workstations with the latest Quadro range of graphics cards, Render servers. Networking equipment’s and Storages customized for Animation Studio requirements.

    High Performance Computational (HPC)

    Our HPC cluster solutions are required for DDC (Digital Content Creation) Rendering/Animation, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), Number Crunching & Computational Research, Weather Modeling, Bio-Informatics, EDA (Electronic Design & Automation), Oil & Gas Exploration verticals.

    HPC Clusters

    We offer ‘Build-ToOrder’ HPC Clusters with a Complete Solutions Stack. Our Compute Node Hardware consists of required OEM brand like Dell/HP/IBM, latest 8/10/12 core processors from Intel, Dell/HP/IBM Rack mount Server & Blade Server Chassis with a standard Gigabit Interconnect, Infiniband connectivity. Our Rack mount Server Chassis are available in 1U/2U with/without Hot-swap Hard Disk Bays, with Redundant Power Supply, Riser Cards and Rail Kits. We also offer our own Open Racks of 19’ x 42U x 1000mm with all standard features.

    Storage Servers

    HPC clustering solutions

    We use standard and free distribution of GNU/Linux OS and ROCKS Cluster Suite. The inter connects are either Gigabit or Infiniband. We also offer RHEL, SUSE, Cent OS & OCS(Open Cluster Suite from Platform) Distributions. We also offer Storage Servers along with our Clusters.

    Our HPC Clustering Solutions are being used in:

    • DCC (Digital Content Creation) Rendering /Animation
    • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
    • Number Crunching & Computational Research
    • Weather Modeling, Bio-Informatics
    • Our major Customers are
  • Hi-end Hardware for Professionals

    Complete it infrastructure for graphic arts

    We build complete hardware to meet requirements for graphics Arts application, Below are the various segment using our hardware solutions.

    • Visual Effects
    • Animation
    • Game Development
    • Post-Production

    Serversupply designs high-performance computing platforms for Visual Effect [VFX] professional that create the stunning images, we are able to leverage the standard products and technologies to produce best of high-performance workstations, Render Nodes, and custom solutions that enhance both Creativity and Productivity.

    Desktops, Laptops , Servers, Workstations

    Serversupply has partnerships with MNC brands like Dell. HP. Lenovo, IBM etc., we offer complete range of Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Workstations manufactured by these brands.


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