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DVD-RW is a Versatile Option for Data Storage

DVD-RW is the abbreviated form of 'Digital Versatile Disk Rewritable'. It is very similar to the DVD-R, wherein a DVD can read only with the difference that in this one, the DVD can be erased and rewritten. Just like CD-RW, data has to be erased first for new writing to be saved on it. It is not available in double-sided or double-layered versions like the DVD-R. However, it offers a space of 4.75 GB of data and that can be pretty high compared to CDs. Due to their large data holding size and ability to be used multiple times, they are very much desired for taking backups. A DVD burner is needed to delete and record data on a DVD-RW with all the supported formats.

The technology behind it - It uses the optical disc recording technology in which laser is used to write on to the disc and therefore, at least 1000 times a DVD can be used without any problem. DVD records use dyes for their recordings. When the DVD-RW online is in operation, laser marks are created on the DVD in the form of peaks and valleys. The dye's reflective property determines the recording that is made on it. Alternately, dyes are also the reason that efficient playback may not be guaranteed to happen. In stamped DVD's, aluminum is used as the reflective layer and these DVDs can be far better than the earlier ones.

There is the difference between DVD-R and DVD-RW - There is enough difference between the two DVDs. DVD-R can be written only once while it can be read multiple times. These types of DVDs are best suited for applications like audio, video and immediate data storage. The DVD-RW logo is a particular sign and every DVD may not be RW. It is important to determine which one is a particular RW and that only can be used for writing multiple times.

With so much convenience, DVD-RW is very highly preferred over other storage modes. So it’s easy buy from Server Supply.