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Expansion Card can be Helpful for Future Applications

An expansion card is also known as an adapter card, accessory card or expansion board. It is a printed circuit board (PCB) that can easily be inserted into an expansion slot on a motherboard, riser card or backplane so that more functions can be accessed using it. The expansion bus is responsible for the movement of information between the computer’s hardware and its peripheral devices. It provides memory and certain extra facilities. All protocols and wires in it allow expansion of the complete system. Features or functions that are not provided by the motherboard can be offered by expansion cards due to which these are very much used where there is more need of enhanced memory. At least one to seven expansion cards can be connected to a computer, depending upon the form factor of a motherboard.

There may be different types of physical construction – In single board computers, there may not be any facility for expansion cards and only IC sockets may be provided for customization. In motherboards that have an expansion card facility, there may be an ethernet port or RS232 port for additional bandwidth. Hence, before investing to buy expansion card, it is important to ensure that it fits well into the motherboard and also can serve the purpose for which it is being purchased.

There is also a concept of Daughterboard – A daughterboard is also known as a piggyback board, mezzanine board or a daughter card that is basically an expansion card. Anyone looking for an expansion card online can consider a daughterboard if some basic functionality may have to be improved with small modifications. They can be connected to the motherboard in a parallel way so that it sits over the motherboard perfectly separated by standoffs. Wavetable cards on sound cards are a perfect example of this type.

Thus, for adding extra memory, expansion cards can definitely be considered. Visit online store of Server Supply for it.