RAM is an Integral Part of a Server

RAM is the abbreviated form of Random Access Memory. Before anyone invests in it to buy server RAM online, it is important to understand the device so that an informed choice can be made. It helps in storing program data and processes instructions very quickly from the CPU. Data can be read and written very fast through a RAM compared to any other storage device. The only point of concern here is that once power is switched off, the data stored in RAM may get deleted. There are other types of RAM that are there in operation, it is known as NVRAM – Non Volatile Random Access Memory – the storage issue can be taken care of it even when there is no power but then, this type of RAM is slower in operation and can be quite expensive.

These are made of DIMM – The RAM online that is available in plenty is made of modules that are better known as DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Modules) and are designed on a printed circuit board (PCB). Many different formatting is available in servers like 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. On a server, there is generally an option of increasing the RAM capacity by mounting multiple DIMMs in giving slots so that memory can increase. There can be up to 24 slots on a single server for RAM addition. In such a case the maximum capacity will be 768GB! However, it is also important to remember here that the DIMMs cannot be mixed and matched, for example, if 4GB DIMMs are in use, it cannot be mixed with an 8GB or 16GB DIMM.

The concept of RDIMM – Before a person decides to buy server RAM online, knowing RDIMM can be useful. RDIMM is Registered Dual In-Line Memory Modules and it acts as a register between the memory controller and RAM. Therefore, the less electrical load takes place on the memory controller. However, it is an expensive option and only in case of server hosting, these can be feasible.

Many different types of RAMs are in operation and a person can choose as per suitability. Every type of RAM is available at Server Supply at best price.