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SAS Cards are Very Much Needed in Operations

There are many operations in which SAS cards are very highly required for effectively completing the process. These are advanced cards that are mostly used in server technology. It is Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) card that provides a serial protocol for moving data to and from storage devices like tape drives and hard drives. It has conveniently replaced the earlier Parallel SCSI (Parallel Small Computer System Interface) technology that was mostly used during the 80s. SAS utilizes the SCSI command set and there is an optional compatibility with SATA, version 2 and higher. Therefore, SATA drives can be easily connected with maximum controllers and SAS backplanes. A few other aspects of SAS are also discussed here.

There are some basic components – Before someone decides to buy SAS card online, it is important to understand the basic components behind SAS cards.

An initiator is a device that starts the task-management and service requests by a device and gets a response for processing. These may be present on the motherboard or on the host bus adapter.

A target device contains target ports and logical units and receives task-management requests and service sends responses to the initiator. A disk array or hard disk can be an example of a target device.

The part of the I/O system that communicates information between an initiator and target is called Service Delivery Subsystem. Cables that connect an initiator and target from the service delivery subsystem. Backplanes and expanders may or may not be there in it.

Most available SAS cards online attaches considerable importance to expanders due to the fact that it plays a significant role in these cards. Expanders are primarily responsible for the communication which happens amongst the different SAS devices. They also help in the connection of single initiator port with many SAS End devices.

Due to its construction and features, SAS cards are very highly desired in many server operations. Take a quick view at Server Supply for SAS cards.