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In Many Cases, Riser Boards are Desired

A riser board is a printed circuit board that is generally used on a motherboard so that additional expansion cards can be connected through it. It is a convenience feature that can also help in saving tremendous space. Desktop riser boards have been used with many different configuration motherboards. There are ample proofs suggesting that they have been used with LPX, NLX and even with ATX motherboards. It is pleasurable to mention here that LPX motherboards have a riser board slot in which it can be easily connected, NLX motherboards also have similar types of feature. Intel made an ATX motherboard that had an option of connecting a riser board though it is not very popular. Earlier, only two or three PCI cards were supported by riser boards, but AGP was never supported by it.

Vary rarely used in computers - These days, riser boards are seldom used in desktop computers because most motherboards of desktop computers use an ATX motherboard with an expansion slot. Therefore, the prevalence has reduced drastically. But the same does not hold true for servers and routers in which riser board still plays a very important part. Many types of riser board online can be easily expected for these servers and routers from many different computer accessory shopping sites.

Their orientation is space-saving - Riser boards generally, stay above the system board. Therefore, additional adapters can be connected to the system in a way that it stays parallel to the motherboard and thereby helps in saving sufficient space inside the case. Feature cards stay in a horizontal position and in a 1U and 2U system, these can be easily arranged. After the advent of cryptocurrency, riser boards are back in demand because of mining, additional hardware is needed and they can be connected to this board.

Riser boards offer sufficient option and hence they are extensively used in servers and high-end operations. Nowadays, high quality riser boards are available at Server Supply online store.